WOW! Anicha White leads the way in the #BeeChallenge

Something quite delightful is brewing on twitter, is it a new challenge, a curious challenge that must have been created by a man. Although we are no 100% sure what it is all about, we think that is has something to do with women being encourage to take their bras off and check their breasts for any lumps. This is nothing new. However the challenge part of this is for the women to post a pic of themselves with their breasts un braed and the bra being worn on their head over their eyes, giving them the look of a bee. The less questions asked the better…

We think is was started in France (but not sure about that) and the delightful French model (and Dick Johnson fan) Anicha White is showing everybody how to embrace the challenge.

She has been on twitter since 2011 and has over 20,000 followers and has tweeted and impressive 11,000 times of which just under a quarter are pics / videos. Well worth a follow:

See what you think of her submissions to the BeeChallenge: (10.7K followers) (284 followers)

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