Burning a hole in your pocket, it’s the iPhone 6!

Ah the poor iPhone 6. Not only was there the so called “bend-gate”, the iOS update debacle, now it is setting on fire!

Phillip Letcher writes on his blog how the phone set alight in his pocket, causing quite painful looking second degree burns. Is there nothing this phone can’t do?

How the flip did this happen?

Well the first mistakes seems to have been to use a rikshaw taxi. It was the slight loss of control that caused a bit of a commotion, Phillip – ever the family man – “immediately checked my wife and son to make sure they were ok” – but then he noticed a burning smell. What could it be? “my new APPLE iPhone 6 had bent in my front pocket and caught on fire.” Bham! Double whammy, bent AND on fire! Luckily for him he didn’t have great balls of fire, but still looks a bit close for comfort.



By the way check out the comments, some classic stuff. Here is an example:

Michael B Reading the posts on here just proves once again that Apple can do no wrong. Shit, Apple could release Ebola in the next iPhone 6s and people will be ok with it. This is the reason why the iPhone is 2 years behind, coping other smartphones (going with a big screen where all iPhone owners I know said was stupid) and still going strong. I don’t hate Apple itself, I find the owners annoying.