Instagram is only good for…

We here are not instagram users, no. We are so old school that we stick to film cameras, I’m rocking a Kodak Brownie. Boom. When that becomes cool again perhaps I’ll check out Instagram.

Still, why the fuck do people use it? Cool filters to make your pics look old and hipster? You spend £500 on an iphone with it’s super brilliant, probably innovative, camera only to then make your photos look old and crap. Result. Anyway it does have something going for it, HTC fan, Rhianna.

Over 4 million people follow her account hoping and praying that she adds some hot pics. Well this week she didn’t let the salivating public down. Yahoo thought that her “boobs look mysteriously bigger”, the old squeeze and lift doing the trick.

But in this new topless photo, Rihanna’s boobs look much bigger – without the help of a bra. Life is just not fair.

See for yourself.

big boobs
small bikini

So, thanks RiRi for making Instagram less shit.

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