Introducing techette #2 Emily @EA_Stripes (USA)

techette: Emily (STRIPES)


The second techette is our first international one. Those that follow the Chive (CHIVE ON!) will probably be familiar with this ever active Chivette as she was Chivette of the week back in May, and you can see why! Emily tells about her snapchat usage, football and Chiving. Enjoy!

iphone or android?

iPhone 5s…about to get the 6 or look at an android soon. Heard good things.

What was your first phone?

Nokia 3310. Indestructible 🙂

What is your favourite gadget?

Waterfi which is an iPod that is waterproof I train with in the pool.

Who would you add on snapchat, Steve Jobs or Jesus?

Neither. They are both dead. No disrespect but they’d probably be pretty dull.

Most used app?

Twitter and theCHIVE

App mostly likely to get you trouble with a BF?

Twitter and theCHIVE

App you use when you are feeling frisky?


Favourite porn site?

The site called my life is my fav 😉 (oooooo hello matron!)

Are you on:

twitter @EA_STRIPES followers 6,590 tweets 3,728
instagram @EA_STRIPES followers 1,041, posts 388
youtube Sprnth2o
snapchat ea_stripes

messaging app of choice?


Best selfie pic you have tweeted

Dedi pic for techKrud?




Craziest snapchat you received?

I really don’t use it much if at all 🙁

Craziest snapchat you sent?

Havent gotten that far yet…stay tuned 😉

What has your online promotion lead to?

More followers. My professional life is completely separate from my social media life.

Where else can we find you on the internet?

Twitter and Insta is best. I keep Facebook for my family and personal friends. However, I help administer So go like us!

You are in to football, you support and English team? (Fav player?)

Liverpool! Gerrard #8! & Obviously US Men’s National Team Howard#24 (bc he is a beast obviously) Huge football fan. American and the rest of the world’s type 🙂

As for American football. Grew up in Minnesota so I am Vikings fan until I die! I do like the Saints though since Ive been in Louisiana for 9 years…so long as they are not playing my Vikes 🙂

You are in to fitness, what part of your body are you most pleased with?

I am an athlete and triathlete. I danced and swam my whole life. Swam in college and now compete in triathlons across the country. My legs 😉

You are an awesome Chivette, what is it all about?

Being a Chiver or Chivette isn’t all about the sexy pics. Unfortunately some use it for the wrong reasons. I have pics posted of course and its nice to see HOWEVER what really matters is the charity. I help administrate the New Orleans Chive Chapter. We have organized meet ups and raised money for CHIVE Charities. That’s what it’s about!! Helping others and enjoying a community of mostly good people to yell “CHIVE ON!” at. 🙂

One more thing…







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