Introducing techette #3 Alice / @Leiaskyw (USA)

techette: Alice

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Our third techette is another international beauty from Florida, USA. She is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (check out the tattoo), has a killer figure and is a regular contributor to hashtags such as: #friskyfriday #humpday and #teaseTuesday, making her twitter account well worth following!

What can you tell us about you?

I have two personalities, the serious I use for my day-job and they crazy playful one for every other minute of the day. I’m a bit of a tomboy and I am a total geek. My favorite movie is star wars (Empire Strikes Back is my number one), I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (I think I read both books 1MM times), I love video games, fishing and music (classic rock favorite).

iphone or android?

I’ve had mostly IPhone but I am a bit pissed that they haven’t come up with new features for it. Seems like they are introducing the same shit over and over again. Kind of bored with it. So I am thinking of switching.

What was your first phone?

Oh my GOD a Nokia 6110… remember those

What is your favourite gadget?

my jailbroken Apple TV

Who would you add on snapchat, Steve Jobs or Jesus?

Jesus, I want to learn how to turn water into wine…

Most used app?

Maps… I have no sense of direction

App mostly likely to get you trouble with a BF?

I don’t get in trouble, i know how to cover my tracks

App you use when you are feeling frisky?

I usually tweet sexy pics.

Favourite porn site?

I dont watch porn… I live it

messaging app of choice?


Most popular pic you have tweeted

Dedi pic for techKrud?




One more thing…




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