Introducing techette #4 @MissRachaelCx (UK) [+50 pics]

techette: Rachael


twitter (24 Jan 2015) @MissRachaelCx followers 19,166 tweets 9,031

Our forth techette is is a UK published glamour model who has been in Zoo and The Sport. Her 28F breasts tend to catch the eye, and they got our attention. She is a regular contributor to #zootwittes #thongThursday and #friskyFriday. She agreed a few months back to be a techette, but life has got in the way until now! Thanks Rachael.

What can you tell us about you?

20 year old football fanatic glamour girl

iphone or android?

I like both

What was your first phone?

Some crappy Nokia with snake and Scooby doo ringtone

What is your favourite gadget?

My phone

Who would you add on snapchat, Steve Jobs or Jesus?

Jesus I wanna see his magic skills.

Most used app?


App mostly likely to get you trouble with a BF?

Snapchat and Twitter

App you use when you are feeling frisky?

Don’t use an app 😉

Favourite porn site?

That would be telling

messaging app of choice?


Where can we find you?

twitter MissRachaelCx
instagram Rachael_c94 (?)
snapchat rachael-cx

Most popular pic you have tweeted

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Craziest snapchat you received?

Only new so nothing yet

Craziest snapchat you sent?

I only send booby photos haha

What has your online promotion lead to?

publication in paper

Where else can we find you on the internet? website me naked and video stripping 😉 other than that
Only portfolio links but there private 😉

Dedi pic for techKrud?

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One more thing…




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