Introducing Techette #1 Brooke Bangerz

Techette: Brooke Bangerz


A bit about yourself, brief.

I love big boobs!! I love girls!! Also boys!! I’m tiny!! 4ft 11! I love to be a girly girl princess but also a freaky one in the sheets!! I’m naughty but nice 😉

Quick fire

What was your first phone?

Nokia 6210 was it? The one with snake lol

iphone or android?


What is your favourite gadget?

lol haha my bullet!! During sex there is nothing like this bullet!! Takes it to the next level!!

Who would you add on snapchat, Steve Jobs or Jesus?

Jesus .. Think it would be funnier

Most used app?

Twitter!! Always checking it!! Searching!

App mostly likely to get you trouble with a BF?

oooo depends but most prob be twitter because I do like to have a look at porn and naughty pics 😉 so depends if they mind

App you use when you are feeling frisky?

Just have a look through twitter then that can take you many places!!!

Favourite porn site?

Shebang tv

Are you on:

twitter BrookeOfficial – followers 4,042, tweets 13,103
instagram boobsx14 – followers 148, posts 57
snapchat boobsx14

google plus

Messaging app of choice?

Whatsapp, imessenger, Skype (for work) webcam etc

Best selfie pic you have tweeted

(you can pick one :D)

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Dedipic for techKrud?

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Craziest snapchat you received?

A bloke wanking and sitting on a dildo *made me bit sick*

Craziest snapchat you sent?

Most probably after hd festival when we sent some crazy blairwitch project snapchats to Christina in ibiza she must of had 20 at least

What has your online promotion lead to?

More work!! Free things!! Larger fan base, larger earnings, partying, travel, promotion, and made me more naughty

Where else can we find you on the internet?

Thanks Brooke for taking time out to chat with, I feel we’ve got to know you better! You are petite, love boobs and twitter and you send strange snapchats when drunk. If you think you are a techette then get in touch with here.

One more thing…





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