iOS 7 – Windows and Android gain the respect of being copied

Whilst the UI on Android and Windows have in recent years made huge changes iOS really didn’t seem to bother too much at all. This week though they showed off iOS 7, and clearly Sir Jony Ives has been using a Nexus 4 and whatever that Windows Nokia phone is.

From the new font, the ‘control center’, to actual multitasking, the tab browsing interface, and the general look of it. Still though it is a refreshing change to what was looking a bit dated, hopefully the app UI pattern will adjust to be the same.

WTF is up with the colour scheme? Looks like the most flamboyant designer got to select it.

Find out which features will work on which device here.

If you use an Android some plucky chap has already developed a custom skin to resemble iOS7.

Anyway if you want to watch this emotional Apple promo for iOS 7 you’ll find out the best bits, tissue at the ready…

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