LG & Samsung release totally pointless curved phones

We are not at all sure what the deal is here. Quite why the idea of a phone with a curved screen is desirable or needed is beyond us. Samsung showed off a pretty cool flexi screen at CES 2013 to be known as Youm, watch the video here. It is pretty cool, and surely in a few years we’ll all be wondering around with a plastic, flexible screen.

However, wtf are they think creating a phone that curves on the width of the phone? The Galaxy Round is ridiculous.

Samsung Round

Not to be out done, LG followed that release with their very own “flexible” phone, called G flex. At least the have the curve on the phone on the length, much like the Samsung Nexus S / Galaxy Nexus.

LG G Flex

What do you think? Totally bloody pointless or the future of mobile?

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