Q & A with techette #6 @KimCC0 plus her amazing pics

techette: Kimmy


Kimmy is a relatively new chivette on twitter and she’s a stunner! We are sure you’ll think so too.

twitter @KimCC0
followers 1783 tweets 366

What can you tell us about you?

I’m a registered dental assistant in Fort Worth, Texas. I like to think I’m a health nut. I try to eat healthy and workout about 4-5 times a week. I’m a huge metal head. Among my favorite bands are Upon a Burning Body and Breakdown of Sanity. I am also a Whovian(ette). Doctor Who and The Walking dead are my favorite TV shows. I’m a fan of Liverpool FC, go reds!

iphone or android?


Who would you add on snapchat, Steve Jobs or Jesus?

Jesus. He would have some kick ass snaps.

Most used app?


App mostly likely to get you trouble with a BF?


App you use when you are feeling frisky?

Twitter / KiK

Craziest snapchat you received?

I don’t have snapchat

Craziest snapchat you sent?

I don’t have snapchat

Most popular pic you have tweeted


Dedi pic for techKrud?



One more thing…