Rotten Apple! A bad couple of days for the tech giant

Whilst they may have enjoyed record sales figures (doesn’t that always seem to be the case) with iPhone enthusiasts waiting for hours outside the store to be one of the first to get their hands on the new device. One poor sucker managed to be the first to buy the phone, the first to unbox the phone and the first to do the drop test… oops!

All going so well, until 24th September when the shit seemed to hit the fan.

With tweets and stories of the iPhone 6 Plus bending in peoples pocket some bloke took it upon himself to make a bent test video (currently with 32,239,752 views)

Sure enough the phone did bend and the video zipped around the internet quicker than those Scarlett Johansson pics (what a day that was) did. Mainstream news outlets we suddenly reporting on it and “bendgate” became a thing. A few disgruntled tweets, pics and THAT video. Clearly something is wrong, even if iPhone fanboy Mashable writer tries to make out that it is understandable: “Apple’s choice of aluminum (even anodized, it’s a softer metal) is beneficial for weight, but may not be optimal for flexibility, so the results (it getting bend and the Galaxy Note 3 not) are not surprising.”

However, the worst was yet to come. With some problem with iOS 8 Apple quickly released an update 8.0.1, however despite the best of intentions the update managed to make it so the the new phone was unable to make calls! Ouch!

Now Apple are saying they have only received nine complaints about bending iPhones, and they even showed off their phone toughness test facility to prove that they should have seen this coming…

Thankfully they have release iOS 8.0.2 “to fix nearly useless iPhone 6 models“.

Ahhhh we can all breathe easy again, even if $12 biliion have been knocked off the value of Apple.

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