Samsung Galaxy S2 user branded a violent drug taking racist who is anti-gay.

samsung galaxy s2Here is Paris Brown, 17, posing with her Samsung Galaxy S2 for a photo uploaded on to the popular posing network, Twitter. She has recently been appointed to a new role with Kent Police as the first youth police and crime commissioner that aims to bridge the gap between the grown ups and the foul mouthed twittering youth of today.

It is hoped that this terrible tweeter and role model for the young hasn’t damaged the good name of Samsung too much. Whilst there has been no official comment from the South Korean company, a source has told us at TK HQ that they saddened that an S2 user would use such abusive language and they do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by Miss Brown.

Extraordinarily when deciding on Paris Brown the plods in Kent  didn’t think to check here twitter or facebook. Had they of they would have seen a tweet like this:

Worst part about being single is coming from a party/night out horny as fuck and having to sleep alone


UPDATE: Paris Brown: Kent youth PCC resigns after Twitter row

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