Sexting app SnapChat valued at $800 million after receiving $60 million of investment

SnapChat is a visual messaging service, with the added bonus of deleting your message once it has been viewed at the other end. WTF. Deleted? That’s right ladies and gents, you can send the crudest pics / videos and not give a shit that they end up on some type website. It is an Android and iPhone, there is some unofficial one on Windows (but who cares?!).

In two years the App reportedly has 5 million active daily users sending 200 million pics and videos (of cocks and tits) everyday! Blimey. That is kind of impressive for an app that has some basic floors, like being able to keep the content to then put on A few searches and you’ll find enough stories to make you think twice before SnapChatting anything too personal.

Interesting to see that Mtv are looking to use it as a marketing tool for their head bashingly bad show Georgie Shores.

Jo Bacon, MTV UK vice-president of marketing, creative and publicity, said: “[It] allows us to tease storylines and more interestingly, use the platform as a means of driving real time tune-in reminders in a period where TV viewing habits are ever-changing.”

Still $12 per active users appears to be a a lot of money for an app that has privacy problems and does not make any money. Still Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram when it had 30 million active users uploading a mere (in comparision) 5 million photos a day. That’s just over $33 per user.

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