Sexy iphone user gets the sack thanks to her brilliant tweets. Pure class.

Carly Crunk Bear

It seems like only yesterday that we reported on twitter landing this young Brit in hot water due to her ill thought out tweets. Well, it strikes again. At the beginning of the year (yes, we’re not sure how it passed us by either) smoking hot first-year maths teacher, Carly McKinney (Carly Crunk Bear), was exposed by a local news channel as one of the hottest and coolest teachers on the planet.

Having been tipped off by a 9 News viewer (probably a women) the “9 wants to know” team got on the case. Carly McKinney – an iphone user – was a teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado. However the crack-pot team uncovered “provocative” photos and tweets about getting high and having drugs at school.

The result is that students around the world wish they had Carly Mckinney as their teacher. Thanks 9news, the internet owes you one.

Below are a couple of choice pics and a few reaction tweets.

Carly Crunk Bear

(Smug Nelson needs a a fish slapping)


Carly Crunk Bear

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