Sexy #Snapchat Hottie, chivette @VixenBuckeye

She is a super hot Chivette with not one, but two twitter accounts to keep you happy with. Best of all is that she is creating snapchat stories that you probably should not open at work.

Key Facts:

snapchat username: buckeyevixen Followers: 3992 <-- the less safe for work account! Followers: 7957

Here are her safe(ish) for work snaps

Screenshot_2016-02-16-00-49-49BuckEye_Vixen (3)Screenshot_2016-02-16-00-49-54Screenshot_2016-02-15-13-39-00buckeyeBuckEye_Vixen (4)

And here are the NSFW pics… (NOT blurred when clicked)

Screenshot_2016-02-13-19-28-36Screenshot_2016-02-15-13-39-15BuckEye_Vixen (1)Screenshot_2016-02-13-20-23-14Screenshot_2016-02-14-12-41-06BuckEye_Vixen (3)Screenshot_2016-02-13-20-15-51Screenshot_2016-02-16-23-37-25Screenshot_2016-02-16-23-37-20BuckEye_Vixen (2)Screenshot_2016-02-15-13-39-08Screenshot_2016-02-16-23-37-12Screenshot_2016-02-14-18-15-32buckeye1

Oh, and she currently love recording videos…

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