Some shit photos of what is probably a fake iPhone 6

Put your dippers on people as you are about to piss yourself. TMZ has exclusive photos of what it claims to be “Apple iPhone 6 Pics – Drool, Geeks!”. Yes geeks up and down the land are drooling like toddles at the sight of these very predictable pics.

However the people over at are loling in the face of TMZ. Clearly this is a clone iphone 6 that doesn’t even run iOS, it is running Android. TMZ claim that it was “smuggled” out of the factory, say:

Of course, the phone pictured in the exclusive photos obviously wasn’t smuggled out of any Foxconn factory. Instead, it’s the same iPhone 6 clone we’ve seen a dozen times in photos.“.

Anyway you can click here:

For pics of the “iphone 6” taken on somebody’s bed. 0814-iphone-gallery-launch-3

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