Stop the press! Massive news from TechCrunch.

A couple of TC nerds, for some reason, got on the red carpet to pester the cast of Game of Thrones with the question that has been bugging the tech world; do they use an Android phone or iPhone?

Kit Harrington - iPhone
Kit Harrington – iPhone
Maisie Williams - iPhone
Maisie Williams – iPhone
Michelle Fairley - iPhone
Michelle Fairley – iPhone
Natalie Dormer - iPhone
Natalie Dormer – iPhone
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - iPhone
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – iPhone
Rose Leslie - Android
Rose Leslie – Android

So that’s 5-1 to iPhone, surely a bit of a thumping, and TC’s Ryan Lawler is clearly pleased with this out come.

Well, you’ll be happy to learn that five out of the six Game of Thrones cast members we surveyed said they had an iPhone instead of an Android device. – Ryan Lawler

Here at techKrud we have Krud in the name, so you know what to expect. TC is an apple fanboy blog* posing as a tech blog, which goes someway to understanding why such BS gets published. The most fun are the comments, so here are a few choice ones:

  • VikReddy – Epic fail at tech reporting!
  • RyanNichols – 5 out of 6 actors are idiots…lol
  • kgro – How this stupid Vanity Fair article got here? I think I will speak for many here – we demand TechCrunch’s official apology for this.
  • Justin Weisberg – This garbage article is finally enough for me to stop following TechCrunch. Hopefully I’ll read something else that will convince me otherwise, one day.
  • ryanlawler TechCrunch @Justin Weisberg I’ll miss you. (nothing like a bit of arrogance to fan the flames)
  • Ollie Napier – This is a silly article. Who’s idea was it to post this?
  • Gamercore – @Ollie Napier Who made you the “silly article police?” O_o
  • kgro – @Gamercore Does TechCrunch employ you to brownnose or are you doing it on volunteer basis?
  • Gamercore – @kgro And who the hell made you the brown nose police? O_o

  • theunrealyader

*this is not true, it just seems that way.

Original article is here

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