Top 10 Posts of 2015 (according to Google Analytics)

It was a busy year for techKrud last year. We had new techettes, tugs, burns and gaps a plenty. Here is a top 10 of the pages that received the most hits according to Google Analytics.

The most popular post is number one.

10. 40 incredible #drunkbathroomselfie pics by the legendary Chivette @katdeevers

9. 36 PICS Best of #BurnsDay no.22

8. Introducing techette #2 Emily @EA_Stripes (USA)

7. 33 Top #TugTuesday PICS No.26

6. The ultimate album: @bellarinablues (chivetteashblue) a #tugtuesday, #burnsday legend

5. Introducing techette #4 @MissRachaelCx (UK) [+50 pics]

4. WOW! Anicha White leads the way in the #BeeChallenge

3. 46 PICS Top #TugTuesday issue 18

2. Snapchat hotties!

1. Best pics from the new hastag in town #titsformcgee created by @MissTMCgee


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