Vine, is it awesome or a waste of six seconds?

First off. What is Vine?

Twitter described Vine as an app “that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos

Long live the animated gif Vine, making GIFs cool again.

The other area of genuine innovation that Vine offers is in its recording technique. Rather than hitting a “record” button and snapping six seconds of video straight, the app asks you to touch the screen to record.

So say Alex Hern.

We mentioned a while back about Hollywood using Vine as a way to promote movie trailers – The future of movie trailers has arrived, and it’s annoying – and it is fair to say we were not convinced. However now a bit of time has passed, were we too quick to judge?

Ian Padgham is Twitter’s in-house six second film maker expert. He knows how to make the most of his six seconds:

Check out more of his Vines here, see his tips here.

Unsurprisingly there are compilation videos, for example:

The Best VINES of 2013 Compilation! (77 VINES!) Mm. “Best”? By the way the chicks are at the end.

There is however a more adult side to Vine. Take for example this:

That’s right it is everybody’s favorite adult model Alison Tyler. There is a whole twitter account dedicated to “hot vines“, warning, it is almost certainly NSFW.

Conclusion. Er. Not sure. Time will tell. Kinda fun, intuitive to use and when used well is actually pretty cool.

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