You say Ello and I say goodbye

There seems to have been a lot written about the “new” hot invite only “Social” network. It apparently – according to PR spin – started life as a site for 90 friends. It was closed, not for the masses. However at some point (like at the very beginning) they must have thought that perhaps this system they had created could be an alternative to facebook, a facebook “killer”. In March they received just over $400,000 investment from a venture capital firm. Clearly they were shown a business model that appealed to them, a business model that catagorically is NOT based around advertising. It will be via micro-payments for add-ons.

Why is this getting so much press? An invite only, pretty average looking website that the founder even says is “buggy”. Worse still it is being labelled a facebook rival. FACEBOOK! I am not fanboy (add me if you want: Dick Johnson on facebbok), but to be called a rival is like calling Accrington & Stanley FC a rival of Chelsea FC. Yes they both play the same sport (football), they both have a team, a kit, a badge and a manager. However, they are not rivals.

Facebook is worth over $100 BILLION, it owns Instagram (over 200,000,000 active users) and Whatsapp (over 600,000,000 active users AND a clear business model), Ello … not much. Facebook do actually make money, Ello? How? Probably losing money. Oh but they are getting so many sign ups, all the press are spewing about then.

Well think about this…

As of March had 1200,000,000 users. That is a shit load users. The current headline is that Ello are picking up 31,000 user requests (it’s invite only) per hour, per HOUR! Damn that sounds impressive. But… to reach the same level as facebook they would have to keep that rate up for 41,299 hours. That is a lot of hours, in fact it is 1,720 days worth of hours. Which is 245 weeks, which is 4.7 years! In 4.7 years nobody will give a flying fuck about Ello.

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